Learn a trade – earn a living from you passion
Learn a trade – earn a living from you passion

If you are passionate about pets and animals in general, yet you do not want to be a veterinarian, becoming a professional pet groomer may be the right profession for you! The curriculum is easy, and this line of work tends to be professionally and financially rewarding over the years, especially if you choose to open your own private pet grooming salon. However, choosing a pet grooming school is extremely important, as it is the love that you have for the animals and your commitment to the work that will determine your success in the field. As you may already know, it is the duty of the dog groomers to brush, trim, and then shape the nails and the coat of the dog, according to the different proportions and dog breeds.

Choosing The Right Dog Grooming School For You

dog groomerOnly a certified and accredited pet grooming school can help you get all the skills, knowledge, and practical experience that you need in order to get a license and to work as a professional pet groomer. There are several different aspects that you need to consider prior to choosing a pet grooming school, from the learning schedule and the type of instruction it offers, to the overall work availability and certification options.

Focus On Schools That Help You Get Work And Offer Internships

It is very important to find work as a pet groomer as quickly after graduation as possible, and the best thing about pet grooming schools these days is the fact that most of them have contracts with grooming salons, thus helping you find work fast.

Most pet grooming schools offer internship opportunities at different local pet grooming businesses, which means that you will get on-site practical experience. You will also have the chance to face the different challenges of working as a pet groomer, as well as the opportunity to interact with customers and practice all the fundamental grooming coursework that you have studied in class.

Opt For Flexible Schedules

Cat groomer
Cat groomer

Another important aspect that you need to consider when choosing a dog grooming school is the education schedule. The more flexible it is, the better, and this aspect is particularly important if you have a full-time day job that you must attend to.


Last, but not least, make sure that the pet grooming school you have opted for does provide all the certification and affiliation options that you will need in the future. These include cardiopulmonary resuscitation for dogs, along with other diplomas and courses in drying and nail clipping, equipment maintenance, dog bathing, shop management, first aid for pets, and scissoring. All of these certifications can be very important for your future, as they can increase your professional opportunities and compensation. If you have a love for animals and wish to have a fulfilling career, now is the time to consider a future in pet grooming!

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  1. I am interested in a pet grooming school that has been certified by NGDAA or IPG. If this school that you are promoting does not follow a track that has this type of certification could you please point me in a direction of schools that do. Preferably in the east Texas area.

    1. Hello Sarah–the schools we work with are very reputable, but it’s best to fill out the form and have them contact you directly so as to get the most accurate information possible. Thank you for visiting!

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    I wanna know how can I go to your school , I wanna learn more informations about your school , so pls send your detail address to me . thanks

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